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6 Reasons 2014 Was a Good Year for Climate Action

When we heard about Federal cuts to environmental initiatives, we couldn’t help but think of the potential disaster when climate-denying forces really take power in Congress next year. We might yearn for just a little bit of good news to ring in the New Year, so here are six reasons to be optimistic under even the […]

What Gets Measured Gets Funded: A Call To Measure The Impact Of Brand On CSR

by Carol Holding and Jacquelyn Ottman; BrandChannel.com; January 2, 2007 Last summer at a roundtable in New York presented by Women for a Sustainable Future, Gerber’s Jim Thomas, Global Head of Health, Safety & Environment and Business Continuity, presented the results of his company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. Thomas showed how Gerber was improving […]

Technology Branding for Consumers

San Jose Mercury News, Business Monday, October 16, 1995 As computers become ubiquitous in the home, advanced technology marketers are facing the cold hard truth: their rarefied province is being invaded by the technically downscale, the dread “consumer.” And consumers are changing life as tech producers know it, insisting that everything be simple, glorying in their […]

How Strategic Philanthropy Builds Brands

Letter to Harvard Business Review responding to Michael Porter and Mark Kramer’s article “The Strategic Advantage of Corporate Philanthropy,” available through HBS Publishing. Three cheers for “The Competitive Advantage of Corporate Philanthropy.” Corporate managers have underestimated philanthropy’s benefits for too long. Porter and Kramer avoid the usual arguments about moral obligation and focus instead on competitive […]