Green Grandparents Push for Fossil Fuel Divestiture

This piece and others related to fossil fuel divestment also run on’s Do the Math web site: On November 7, 2012 in Seattle, launched its “Do the Math” campaign to target college and university investment funds to divest of fossil fuel stocks. While this strategy is bound to raise awareness among college kids, I initially questioned if […]

Protecting What’s Irreplaceable With Guns…and Brands

First published December 16, 2015.  Several years ago, I visited the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Northern Kenya. Lewa’s owner’s goal is to set an example of how wildlife can be even more valuable as a source of tourism than for sale on the black-market, providing a model throughout Africa. I was there to assess potential branding opportunities. […]

Clean Energy Transition May Have Role in Fighting ISIS

First published November 20, 2015.  As we got closer to the December 7-8 climate talks in Paris, I began seeing movement towards an outcome so positive that it might surprise us all. Politically, climate change-related events of the week are just short of astonishing.

Compassion Rising as Strategy for Climate Adaptation

First published September 17, 2015. On last Thursday’s  Late Night, Stephen Colbert interviewed Joe Biden about his son’s death. It was remarkable to hear a potential presidential candidate speak so candidly about his emotions. He used the term empathy in almost every sentence. 

Conservative Religions Propose Radical Solutions for Climate Change

Originally published September 8, 2015. In the recently released “Islamic Declaration on Global Climate Change,” Muslim scholars from twenty countries joined Pope Francis in calling for action on climate change, in effect adding 1.6 billion Muslims to the 1.2 billion Catholics now called on to support the climate change movement. Acknowledging there will be climate deniers within that […]

Capitalism and Climate Change: A Partnership That’s Working?

In his op-ed piece “Two Cheers for Capitalism,” conservative columnist David Brooks quotes fellow New York Times writer Anand Giridharadas about why capitalism isn’t working —

A Common Motivation to Solve Climate Change

Originally published July 26, 2015.  Steve Yuhas, a resident of wealthy California enclave Rancho Santa Fe, has become famous for his reaction to drought-imposed water restrictions. His post reads: “(People) should not be forced to live on property with brown lawns, golf on brown courses or apologize for wanting their gardens to be beautiful.” In a follow-on […]

U.S. Utilities: For or Against a Green Future?

Originally published February 25, 2015. The photo above is of a Berlin street lined with electric vehicles recharging. Are we likely to see anything similar here in the U.S.? Electric Vehicles (EVs) aren’t selling well in part because retail charging has stalled and people are afraid of being stranded with no power source.

Harvard Business School Report Promotes Oudated Energy Vision

Originally published July 20, 2015.  There has been so much good news about business embracing renewable energy that I almost didn’t give it a second thought when a Harvard Business School report called “America’s Unconventional Energy Opportunity” landed on my desk. Read more